Why Zante/Zakynthos?

With beautiful beaches, spectacular landscapes and charming villages, there's never been a better time to invest in the unspoiled and largely undeveloped island of Zakynthos. Add the Mediterranean climate and the friendly residents and the island has to be regarded as one of the ideal places to create your dream home.

Arguably the most picturesque of the Ionian Islands, Zakynthos is growing in popularity with both holidaymakers and home buyers, so we can only recommend that you act fast!

It is an island at the forefront of Greek locations for a variety of reasons:

  • It is part of the Ionian group of islands.
  • The Ionian islands are the most beautiful in the whole of Greece, with lush, green countryside
  • Zakynthos is the most southern of the Ionian islands, thus enjoying the best of the excellent weather
  • Very unspoiled with traditional Greek hospitality
  • Zakynthos produces some of the best olive oil in Europe
  • A new airport arrivals terminal opened in 2005 to cater for the fast growing tourism boom with new departures terminal to follow in the near future

  • 7 month tourist season
  • Ever growing property rental demand
  • Excellent rental yield
  • Property demand increasing from 10% - 15% per annum

Why Tsilivi?

Tsilivi is situated on the North East coast of the island and is 9km from the airport and 5km from the capital, Zakynthos Town. Tsilivi has fast become one of the main resorts on the island. It is bustling with many family run tavernas, restaurants, bars and nightclubs making it one of the islands hot spots for entertaining nightlife.

Originally a small resort, it has expanded in recent years and become THE place to stay for exciting holidays without moving away from its traditional Greek heritage. The resort is set amongst olive groves and vineyards and its special features include a fantastic golden sandy beach of around 2km long that is well worthy of its Blue Flag of Cleanliness award.

The sand slopes gently into the sea making it the ideal place for children to enjoy themselves in complete safety.

  • Land prices increasing dramatically as the property boom grows
  • Projected capital growth on property of 10%+ per annum
  • Secure freehold title on all properties
  • Very low crime rate

The friendly atmosphere combined with the natural beauty of Greece and the guaranteed weather makes this island an ideal setting for people of all ages for a perfect holiday and a paradise to own your dream place to live.

The restaurants

Tsilivi offers a wide selection of taverns and restaurants offering extensive menus not only from the traditional Greek cuisine, but also from the English, Chinese and Italian cuisine. There are several fast-food type restaurants. Some of the restaurants and taverns also offer an authentic Greek experience: Live Greek traditional music, singing and dancing.

The beaches

The main beach is long with warm and clean waters with Blue Flag status. You may find umbrellas and sunbeds to rent, and many taverns are along the beach. If you don’t like the crowded beaches, a few minutes of walking will take you to a quieter beach. Water sports are available e.g. windsurfing, sea-skiing, sea parachute etc.

The nightlife

Tsilivi is the ideal resort for all age groups, one of the best spots to have a nice time near the town of Zakynthos. There are lots of restaurants, taverns, bars and clubs to choose from. Karaoke bars, quiz-nights and wide-screen TV live sports events complete the picture. Nice cocktails, lively music, relaxing atmosphere and many recreation selections - all right at the center of Tsilivi!

Weather conditions in Zakynthos

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History of the ilsand

Zakynthos has been well known in the writings of the ancient Greek poet Omiros and the Trojan War, when it was part of the kingdom of Odysseus. The son of the King of Troy, Dardanos, originally of Arcadian descent from the city of Psofida, was its first settler and this led to the colonization of the island. Dardanos gave the name to the town and named the castle Psofida.

After the Trojan War, Zakynthos became independent from the kingdom of Ithaca and Democracy began which lasted for some 650 years and this led to its developmental growth as well as its population growth.

During the Persian wars Zakynthos remained neutral but during the Peloponnesian war they supported the Athenians. Zakynthos was intern ruled by the Macedonians and later the Romans. Some say that Christianity first became known to the island in 34AD through Mary Magdalene who stopped on the island on her way to Rome. Byzantine area and the Venetians influenced this islands history. 

In 1484, Greece was seized by the Turks but Zakynthos and the other Ionian Islands remained under the sovereignty of the Venetians. Zakynthos thus became both organized and influenced by the Venetians which led to its re-birth. The Venetians established themselves in the capital and created the substructures for the everyday operations of the island. The new town slowly expanded outside its boundaries of the ancient castle of Psofida, moving down towards the sea where over the years a large, commercial harbor was created.

The oppressed lower classes by the higher class citizens allowed the French, who arrived in 1797, to be met with great enthusiasm but this did not bring any solution to its economic or social situation. More changes to the Island’s diverse occupancy followed from 1798, under the rule of the Russo-Turks, which lasted until about 1809. This was followed by Britain from about 1809 until 1864. The British were responsible for the formation of an organized form of government and public works. Greece’s independence from the Turks created a radical movement which resulted in the re-unification of Zakynthos and the other Ionian islands with Greece on the 2nd May 1864.

In 1953 an earthquake destroyed the entire city and nothing remained to show its different domination history. The government with the citizens slowly helped to rebuild the city entirely. It has slowly progressed over time and has become a tourist destination next to none.

Useful numbers

Zante Police Department
+30 26950
General Prefecture Hospital of Zakynthos +30 26950 49111, 49112, 49113
First Aid Center (EKAB)
+30 26950
Post Office (EL.TA)
+30 26950 44875
+30 26950
Fire brigade
+30 26950 22161
Port Authority +30 26950
28117, 28118
Telephone Service (O.T.E)
+30 26950
59300, 42499
+30 26950
Bus Station (KTEL) +30 26950
Taxi stands
+30 26950
22280, 28104, 23788, 28261
Express Service (Auto Road Aid)
+30 26950 26064, 26340
Greek Tourism Organization (EOT)
+30 26950
48073, 23361, 48075