SINESTI Commune, Ialomita County

Sineşti is a commune located in Ialomiţa County, Romania, with the capital city at Slobozia.

Sinesti is only 30 minutes from the Bucharest city centre with the Highway DN2 passing just outside the village and the proposed residential land subdivisions. The highway continues to the end of the country to Ukraine. Due to the position of Sinesti, favourable environment, accessibility to Bucharest, demand for residential and commercial properties has been increased. Local authorities are promoting the development and EU subsidies may be utilized in specific areas.

  • Sinesti subdivision is phasing the main DN2 road consists of 565 residential plots.
  • Subdivision 116 is 300m from the DN2 highway phasing the forest and consists of 165 residential plots.
  • All other subdivisions at Sinesti have been master planned for the creation of 1250 residential building plots, with their location 300m from the main road DN2 phasing the lakes, and within the village boundaries.