Since 1981, Yiannakas Real Estate has become one of most respected and highly recommended real estate and property management company. The company is managed by owners Photos Yiannakas, President, and his son, Andreas Yiannakas, Managing Director. As a dynamic and unforgettable team, with long-time real estate experience, indepth market knowledge and caring approach, they strive to ensure clients always get the best possible results. Photos and Andreas, with an optimistic view towards the future, inspire a collaborative and dedicate team of real estate and property management experts who believe in the company’s philosophy of putting people before profit.

We're proud to say that this success is entirely due to commitment to our clients, not record breaking sales numbers.

Photos Yiannakas

Photos embarked on a career in Real Estate in 1981. During the past 30 years, Photos has become one of the most trusted and respected real estate agents in Cyprus. That's a long time to stay in business in a fiercely competitive area. Photos knows places inside and out, and he consistently wins clients’ loyalty with his proven real estate expertise and thoughtful, innovative and consultative approach.

An avid worker, with a keen eye for trends, keeping his finger on the pulse of the market, he takes the time to really listen and go the extra mile to help you reach your goals. It merged his passion for bringing people and places together.


Andreas Yiannakas, MBA

Andreas is known for his ability to convey a kind, effective and patient leadership, with a sense of responsability for his action. Andreas has been actively involved in real estate and property management since the mid 2003. He is responsible for the smooth operation of Yiannakas' Real Estate and Property Management Divisions.

With his degrees in Business Administration from University of Kent, Andreas ensures Yiannakas' staff has access to state-of-the-art technology essential to the company success. Furthermore, he insists on the personal touch and the genuine customized service that Yiannakas’ clients have come to expect.