YRE & Environment
At Yiannakas Real Estates we believe that the principles of sustainability and respect for our environment and surroundings (Kato Pyrgos Residential Project) are fundamental in everything we do. In every project, we aim to create long-lasting, high-quality, environmentally sensitive living spaces where people can lead more sustainable lifestyles and

  • Producing sustainable development and building plans.
  • Contributing to the design of properties which take into consideration all environmental factors, including the latest innovations.
  • Making the suppliers and builders who work for the company aware of their duty to comply with standards of environmental protection and social responsibility.
  • Working with all departments of the company in order to guarantee that a proper level of respect for our natural and social environment is guaranteed in all planning, development, building and maintenance processes.
  • Promoting the development of a sustainable design and management programme for our golf courses, intended to serve as an example of excellence.
  • Taking part in research programmes and the exchange of experience in the field of property development and/or sustainable building.
  • Developing, together with the R&D departments of universities and other institutions, financial, sociological and environmental impact studies on YRE projects

Responding to climate change

We recognize that climate change is one of the biggest challenges that we all face. Our key objective is to reduce the carbon footprint of the developments we build and of our own operations. We are constantly looking at the feasibility of including renewable energy on our developments (Zakynthos sites).

We also provide sustainable transport options on our developments to help our residents reduce car use and emissions associated with climate change. Many of our developments make significant improvements to the local transport infrastructure, including improving public transport provision (Bucharest, Niculesti planning) and creating cycle routes (Pyrgos site), cycle storage facilities and better pedestrian access.

Creating new wildlife habitats

On all our sites, we aim to enhance the natural environment and ecology for the benefit of the environment, residents and local communities.

Building strong communities

A sustainable development is ultimately judged on whether it meets the needs, and improves the lives, of the people it affects, while ensuring environmental stewardship, economic benefits and social progress are embodied. In all our developments we create the environment for a vibrant and balanced community. Our approach to sustainability and, in particular our commitment to stakeholder dialogue in the planning process, helps us to create developments that meet the real needs of local communities.

In the interests of social cohesion, our sites incorporate a range of housing. As well as providing different housing types, we also create a variety of tenure opportunities (Prague, Czech Republic) to meet the diverse needs of local communities.

Enhancing local facilities

Our developments make a significant contribution to enhancing local facilities through (Crete & Zante, Greece) the creation of homes and commercial space, enhanced transport facilities, and new public realm.

Boosting jobs and the local economy

In YRE we believe that we can help to fill the skills gap in construction to the benefit of the local communities in which our schemes are located by providing employment and training opportunities to the local community. We also work with local employers to provide opportunities for members of the local communities to consider working within the development following construction as many of our developments create retail and office related employment opportunities. YRE  strives to break down barriers to the industry, focusing on getting women and ethnic minorities into the industry.

Creating places to live and play

We aim to create places where people can live safely and healthily – not least, by providing open spaces, improving the quality and provision of public realm, permeability and building foot and cycle paths.   

Corporate Responsibility

We go to great lengths to understand the needs and concerns of our stakeholders, including local communities, and incorporate these into the finished product. We develop stakeholder engagement strategies for our projects at the earliest opportunity in order to identify and enter into a genuine dialogue with those who can affect or may be affected by our developments.

We believe it’s especially important to involve local communities and frequently go beyond local authority requirements in the extent to which we seek their views.

Safe and healthy workforce

We provide excellent working conditions for all our staff. We have an equal opportunities policy which covers all of the business, and all our offices are fully accessible. We produce a regular staff newsletter, providing an update on our business and the projects.

YRE create spaces and properties designed to allow people to enjoy life more and live better. Our residential communities comprise various types of properties, gardens, green zones, swimming pools, sports facilities.  All our projects blend in harmoniously with their natural surroundings, and are inspired by the tradition and culture of the Mediterranean, and by principles of respect, dialogue and commitment.