New commercial promotion centres in Moscow, Beijing, Cairo and Chisinau
Export, important pillar for national economy recovery.
Romania’s diplomatic missions abroad have insufficiently supported the business environment so far, and that has to change, every economic representation overseas must become a ‘business incubator,’ Economy Minister Adriean Videanu stated yesterday in the opening of a meeting of the economic counsellors of the economic representations the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Environment (MECMA) has abroad, yesterday. He added that, under conditions of economic crisis, Romania’s chance was going to be the export and that every economic mission will need to support both state-owned companies and private ones, especially the SMEs.

‘Under conditions of crisis, with domestic demand having fallen considerably, the most important pillar in the coming period will be the export. Every economic mission will have to support all the elements if the Romanian economic sector, no matter the ownership,’ Videanu explained.

In addition, Foreign Minister Teodor Baconschi said Romania would open commercial promotion centres in Moscow, Beijing, Cairo and Chisinau.

Romanian diplomatic resources will need to be concentrated in areas with potential, but, on the other hand, all markets are important, and finding and capitalizing on business opportunities will be a criterion in the evaluation of the performance of the economic missions, the economy minister added.

In addition, Public Finance Minister Sebastian Vladescu warned Romanian economic counsellors working abroad that they should become less arrogant and treat all Romanian entrepreneurs equally, in order to help re-organise exports and take Romania out of crisis.

‘Romanian entrepreneurs need you, but we must be open to them. You are all ministers, but ministers in the service of Romanian entrepreneurs,’ Vladescu explained.

The minister of finance said the chance is little that Romania may have long-term economic growth without a solid increase in export. Vladescu said he was sorry to say that, to a major part of the Romanian economy, the economic counsellors operating abroad do not exist, which cuts foreign connections for a large share of the Romanian economy.

On the other hand, Economy Secretary of State Tudor Serban said, yesterday, that mining subsides would stop in 2011, and that the solutions identified by the authorities, following talks with the IMF, were either privatization of mining companies, or closing them down. In the context, nearly 800 Baita (Bihor County) miners blocked themselves down in the galleries because they had not received their salaries in two months. He added that Romania was interested in signing an agreement with Kazakhstan for supplying uranium to the nuclear units number three and four to be developed at Cernavoda. In March, Romania, Georgia and Azerbaijan will sign and agreement for the construction of two liquefied natural gas terminals (LNG) in the Constanta Port and in a Georgian location, the investment being EUR 4 0 6 bn, Serban said.

Lazea: Tourism and international transport need promoting

Romania has to promote its export of tourism services and international transport, because, on a long term, Europe will focus on this type of transport and not on cargo transport, BNR Chief-Economist Valentin Lazea stated.

‘We must promote the export of tourism and international transport services. Transport does not only mean motorways. Romania has a highly developed railway network and a natural gas transmission network that is bigger than Norway’s. Romania has several underused and even unknown assets. It also has potential in the sports, cultural and religious tourism,’ Valentin Lazea said.