Tourism minister optimistic
 Published:  26/03/2010 12:26:54

Culture and tourism minister Pavlos Geroulanos said Thursday he was optimistic, despite the problems, that this year's tourism season will be better than last year's, in statements in Chania, on the island of Crete.

"I don't wish to make a prediction yet, because I think things are very fluid. The reality is that, when news items come out of Greece, which are not necessarily flattering for us, we worry that this could create problems. However, we maintain a reserved optimism, because many of the messages we have received are positive and, if they are maintained, I believe that we will have a better tourism season than last year," Geroulanos said.

The minister further noted the effort being made to showcase Greece's tourism product.

"The work being done at this time is being done with a minimum of means, but we are using everything we have at our disposal such as, for example, the interest in the cultural happenings in Greece, in order to attract visitors to Greece, and naturally to Crete," he said.

Source:  Athens News Agency