Tourist revenues go up

 26/04/2010 13:44:32

Tourist revenues in March 2010 recorded an impressive annual increase of 14.3%, contributing to the offsetting of losses of the two previous months. According to CYSTAT data released on Monday, revenue from tourism reached €65,6mn in March 2010 compared to €57,4 mn in the corresponding month of the previous year and €67.3 mn in March 2008. In February 2010, tourist revenues stood at €33.9 mn, while in January at €29.7 mn.

This increase is attributable to the increased tourist arrivals of March (+14.8%), despite the lower spending per capita, which stood at €631.7 from €634.2 in March 2009. The average daily spending of tourists increased to €68.1 a day compared to €65.8 last year, while the average duration of stay dropped to 9.3 days from 9.6 days last year.

The tourists that spent more during their vacation on the island were the Swedish with €1201.1 (last year €723.6), followed by the Norwegians with €1070.5 (2009: €970.1), the Swiss with €996.1 (2009: €952.2) and the Russians with €890.2 (2009: €1071.1).

On the other hand, the Greeks spend €379.8 per capita (2009: €507.2) and the Danish €470.7 (2009: €303.6).

For the period January – March 2010 revenue from tourism is estimated to €129,2 mn compared to €124,8 mn in the corresponding period of 2009, recording an increase of 3,5%.