6 tourism products to shape Romania’s brand
Cultural tours, agri-tourism, ecotourism, city-breaks, active and adventure tourism, spa and wellness tourism are the products chosen by the THR - TNS association for shaping Romania's tourism brand, association representative Sorin Ionescu told a recent seminar within the Tourism Fair of Romania.
"The six tourist products chosen following utilization analyses in the branding process are cultural tours, agri-tourism, ecotourism, city-breaks, active and adventure tourism, spa and wellness tourism. A part of the spa resources will remain only for the promotion among Romanian tourists. The Herculane Spa, for instance, will get on the international market in the next decade," said Sorin Ionescu.
The foreign markets targeted by Romania are Russia, Germany, Hungary, Austria, France, Italy, Great Britain / Ireland and the USA.
The quantitative research will be followed by the determination of competitive advantages, the presentation of the brand positioning strategy, the creation of the visual identity of the brand, the implementation thereof and strategic communication.
The brand project will be completed on May 24, 2010.
The Ministry of Tourism declared the THR - TNS association (Turismo, Hoteleria y Recreación SA - Taylor Nelson Sofres SA) winner of the bid to design Romania's tourism brand, at the end of 2009.
The Ministry of Tourism will pay 894,970 euros for these services, an amount assigned to Romania by the EU under the Regional Operational Programme – Major Area of Intervention 5.3: 'Promoting the tourism potential and creating infrastructure for increasing Romania’s atractiveness as a tourist destination.

THR - TNS consortium: Reality of Romania's tourism is better than perception
The reality of Romania’s tourism is better than the tourists’ image of the product, president of the THR – TNS consortium Eulogio Bordas told the meeting of the Brand Council with the Romanian Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism (MDRT) on March 30.
The THR – TNS consortium won the tender organized by the Tourism Ministry at the end of 2009 for the creation of Romania’s tourism brand.
“The reality in tourism is much better that the image it has created for itself. The product is better than its perception. There are weak points we have noticed. We have to change the aspect that generates the barrier between the product and its perception,” Eulogio Bordas pointed out.
He added the perception of the foreign tourists that visited Romania has improved before living the country compared to their initial image.
The technical surveys conducted by the THR – TNS consortium showed Romania has a high brand potential, being thus a favored country compared to those that lack such potential.
The consortium has spent 400,000 euros so far for the qualitative and quantitative researches required for the creation of the tourism brand.
“Some 80 percent of the problems relating to the difference between the product and its perception are due to insufficient information and understanding of the product. Romania must improve its communication skills,” Bordas pointed out,
The THR – TNS leader added Romania needs to stand out from the other countries promoting themselves as travel destinations.
Cultural circuits, agri-tourism, eco-tourism, city breaks, active and adventure tourism, spa and wellness are the products chosen by the THR – TNS consortium for the creation of Romania’s tourism brand.


Dated: April 6th, 2010