Russians push arrivals up
First Published:  07/07/2010 13:10:52

The new Cystat data released on Wednesday raise new hopes of recovery. On the basis of the results of the Passengers Survey, arrivals of tourists reached 275.280 in June 2010 compared to 260.931 in June 2009, recording an increase of 5,5%, mostly due to the upward trend in the Russian and British market, as well as last year’s low base.

In May, tourist arrivals had recorded an increase of 4.7%.

An increase of 3,0% was recorded in tourist arrivals from the United Kingdom (from 129.032 in June 2009 to 337.548,22 cm June 2010), 53,5% increase from Russia (from 23.961 to 36.770) and 13,3% increase from Greece (from 11.322 to 12.831 this year).

On the other hand a decrease of 8,7% was recorded in tourist arrivals from Sweden (15.249 in June 2010 compared to 16.711 in June 2009) and 1,3% decrease from Germany (9.919 compared to 10.052 last year) .

For the period January – June 2010 arrivals of tourists totalled 877.958 compared to 883.002 in the corresponding period of 2009, recording a decrease of 0,6%.