Tourism revenues go up
First Published:  10/12/2010 12:44:28
Last Updated:  13/12/2010 07:26:32

According to Cystat data released on Friday, tourism Cyprus showed significant signs of recovery.

According to the figures, revenue from tourism reached €175,5 mn in October 2010 compared to €156,3 mn in the corresponding month of the previous year, recording an increase of 12,3%.

In September, they had recorded an increase of 10.1%.

This improvement is partly attributable to the increase in tourist arrivals and the spending per capita, which rose 7.1% to €762.2 from €678.1 in October 2009.

The highest spending per capita was observed to the Swiss (€1021.1), followed by the Russians (€9.57.8) and the French (€844.7).

For the period January – October 2010 revenue from tourism is estimated to €1.446,5 mn compared to €1.389,6 mn in the corresponding period of 2009, recording an increase of 4,1%.

Tiurist arrivals follow an upward trend too. In October, they surged 4.9%, while for the period January – October 2010, they soared 1.7%.