Cyprus becomes hotspot for Russian tourism.


15 March 2011

Cyprus tourism has seen an increase of Russians visiting Cyprus with some 50% more choosing the Island compared to 2009.

President of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) Alekos Orountiotis has confirmed that Russian holidaymakers have become the latest demographics to be targeted by the organisation and for good reason.

With a demand for beach and family holidays in Russia already it makes total sense that Cyprus should offer its location and great weather to this market.

Figures released by the CTO show that Cyprus attained a figure of 223,000 tourists from Russia in 2010 and this marked an increase of 50% over 2009.

More Flight Options From Russia Due

Along the more obvious routers of Moscow and St Petersburg, Russia is to open up new routes to Cyprus by air, allowing for a more diverse and larger amount of new visitors from the country.

Russians “feel at home in Cyprus”

With an already established Russian population in Cyprus it is easy to see why Russians are finding their first trip to the country more enjoyable than they perhaps first imagined.

Alekos Orountiotis is quoted as saying:

“We have had contacts with big tour operators who specialise in Cyprus as well with many who try for the first time to bring tourists to Cyprus and we receive indications that more Russian tourists will visit the island this summer, saying that they feel at home in Cyprus.”

With general wealth among Russians increasing it is perhaps obvious that more of the population are taking the time to visit places like Cyprus which offer so much to so many, great weather, safe towns and cities and a plentiful choice of places to visit, while still only having to fly for a few hours.

Growing business interests between Russia and Cyprus marked by the arrival of President Dmitry Medvedev in October 2010 only goes to solidify a blossoming relationship between the two countries on business and personal levels.

The CTO have also stated that the continued efforts to attract German tourists has seen an increase of some 6.1% from 2009 bringing the total number of Germans to the island to 139,000 in 2010.

Having only last week set up camp at the 45th International Tourism Exchange in Berlin, Antonis Paschalides (Tourism Minister) has made it clear that the German market continues to be of great interest to Cyprus and its economy.