Schengen Visa Zone – Another great reason to invest in Cyprus property



Date: 22 Feb. 2011


A serious bonus to investing in Cyprus from a Russian perspective is that Cyprus is due to link the Schengen Visa Zone in 2011.

As you can see from the Image Cyprus is coloured red showing it is awaiting membership.

This means that buyers of property in Cyprus will have opportunity to obtain a residency permit.

This will then provide the property owner with a Visa allowing travel within the Schnegen Zone, this is a serious bonus to many Russians who have some difficulties travelling within the Eurozone even in 2011.

Many think this may take some time depending on the “Cyprus Problem” but the positive side to this is that as Poland and Ukraine host the 2012 European Football Championship and Russia host the 2014 World cup VISA access may well be dropped for people from the EU coming and going to Russia.

Yes finally!

Many people can not work out why Russia still makes so many people jump through hoops just to visit their country.

Obviously this stalemate simply does not help Russians or non Russians travelling within a largely unrestricted modern Europe.

We all welcome a more common cross border policy in modern Europe.