Expectations for 10% increase in tourism

First Published: 15/06/2011 14:07

CTO Chairman, Alecos Orountiotis expressed his optimism on Wednesday that tourism might increase by 10% this year since the trends from almost al European markets as well as Israel and Russia are positive.

He said that the British markets shows signs of recovery since the April figures recorded a significant increase of 29%.

“This percentage cannot be regarded as indicative for the course of the tourism until the end of the year, however, it shows a positive trend”, he said. The CTO expects that the increase from Britain will reach 3%.

Referring to the reasons of the increase in the British tourist arrivals, he said that it is attributable to the higher number of airplane seats of the companies flying to Cyprus as well as to the low level of tourism in the past 2-3 years.

He also added that the Russian market shows an unprecedented dynamic and the expectation fir 2011 is that the Russian tourists will increase by 100 thousand compared to the 220 thousand that visited Cyprus in 2010.

“Almost all markets show upward trends and expectations for an increase of up to 10% this year are justified although risky”, he said.

“The forecasts for next summer are positive too, given that all will act correctly and there will be no actions that could harm tourism”, he added.

In the first four months of the year, tourist arrivals surged 18% while tourist revenues soared 24%.

Protocol of cooperation with Hermes

The Cyprus Tourism Organization (CTO) and Hermes Airports signed today a protocol of cooperation in order to promote tourism in Cyprus and to strengthen the relations between the two sides.

The protocol was signed by CTO Chairman, Alecos Orountiotis and Hermes Airports CEO, Alfred Van der Meer during a special ceremony at a hotel in Nicosia.

The agreement provides for coordination between the two organizations so as to set the priorities in relation to the air connection of Cyprus with other countries.

Based on the agreement, Hermes Airports and CTO promote their closed collaboration and participation in meetings, events, fairs and business forums aiming at the promotion of Cyprus as tourist destination as well as the exchange of information and expertise on issues of common interest and cooperation in actions that have to do with the promotion of the island’s tourist product.

In his speech, Mr. Orountiotis said that the CTO has established a close and productive cooperation with Hermes, while the signing of the memorandum of understanding gives the opportunity to develop further this relationship.

“The CTO believes that air accessibility is a vital link of the tourist chain and the viability of Cyprus as destination is really based on it. How much importance we give to the air connection of our country we prove it in practice and constantly”, he said.

On the other hand, Mr. Van der Meer stated that the two organizations sign this protocol since they are confident that they can achieve much more to the benefit of Cyprus and tourism if the two sides cooperate.

“This protocol adds value to the existing successful cooperation and a more structure cooperation is locked via closed activities, such as the market research and the expansion of the preferred markets as well as the exchange of experiences and information”, he noted.

“In this way, the CTO and Hermes Airports will be able to approach the airlines so as to attract their interest in Cyprus”, he added.

“Besides, the tourist industry is a collective effort since tourism does not succeed with the government’s help only but also in cooperation with the private sector”, he stressed.

“We’ve seen this example in other countries too, where the tourist industry had achieved much due to its cooperation with the private sector”, he said.

“This protocol is not an exclusive agreement between the CTO and Hermes Airports but the beginning for cooperation between the private sector and the government”, he stressed.

“Finally, we expect that this cooperation will be successful so long as the goals are common, with positive results for the Cyprus economy, while the Finance Ministry too expects that this cooperation will have a successful outcome due to the financial crisis”, he added.

“I believe that if we bring closer our forces, we will be able to achieve a sustainable development of the Cypriot tourism”, Mr. Van der Meer concluded.