Cyprus winter sunshine attract tourists

Cyprus is recommended as a good destination for people who want to get pleasure from some winter sunshine.

Cyprus is particularly good to visit in winter because it still has warm temperatures, characteristically in the mid-20s.

Telegraph has stated that going to places of interest in Cyprus will be more enjoyable in winter than in summer, as the heat is less stifling. Panos Englezos, the chairman of the Cyprus Tourism Organization (CTO) in an interview to the Cyprus Mail has said that the perception of tourists about Cyprus as only being a good holiday spot during the summer months is changing. He commented that CTO is making attempts to boost tourists in winter by working together with local authorities as it’s an investment for the future.

Earlier TravelConnect said that Cyprus attracts vacationers due to its sun-drenched Mediterranean climate, ideal for sunbathing, water sports and hiking among the hills.

Co-operative Travel has predicted that the number of British tourists set to visit Cyprus this Christmas is 40 per cent higher than at the same time last year.

The growing popularity of Cyprus as a tourist destination boosts its standing among overseas property investors as well. Rental accommodations in Cyprus saw greater demand as a result of an annual increase in tourist numbers. The recent report in the Mirror has said that Cyprus housing market has seen considerable growth in recent times, with values rising by about 80 per cent in the last few years.