Tourist arrivals up 5.2% in Sep First Published: 13/10/2011 12:10



September 2011 was the best September in the past three years in terms of tourist arrivals, confirming expectations that the sector will follow an upward trend even after the summer months.

Tourist arrivals reached 304,260 against 289,126 in September 2010, recording an annual increase of 5.2%.

This increase is mostly attributable to the Russian tourists, who recorded an impressive increase and contribute positively to the sector, offsetting the stagnation in the flow of British tourists.

The Russian tourist arrivals in August recorded an annual increase of 49.9% (from 33,267 in September 2010 to 49,863 this year).

On the other hand, the British arrivals fell 1.7% (135,103 in September 2011 compared to 137,473 in 2010).

Tourist arrivals from Greece recorded a marginal increase of 0.77% - from 10,734 to 10,817 in September 2011.

For the period January – September 2011 arrivals of tourists totalled 1.974.147 compared to 1.777.456 in the corresponding period of 2010, recording an increase of 11,1%.