Tourism in positive territory First Published: 31/10/2011 12:38

The revenues from tourism continue to increase considerably in 2011, boosting estimates that the tourist industry will offset partly the shrinkage in other sectors of economic activity.

According to Cystat, revenue from tourism reached €235,8 mn in September 2011 compared to €220,5 mn in the corresponding month of the previous year, recording an increase of 6,9%, the lowest since March 2011 – partly due to last year’s high basis.

In August 2011, the tourist revenues had recorded an increase of 10.7%.

This increase is mostly attributable to the increased tourist arrivals in September. They surged 5.2% to 304.3 thousand against 289.1 thousand in the corresponding month of 2010.

The small increase of 1.6% in the spending per capita from €762.7 in September 2010 to €775 in September 2011 was a positive impact.

The highest spending per capital was observed to the Swiss (€1143.7), the Irish (€1010.1) and the Austrians (€1003.1).

For the period January – September 2011 revenue from tourism is estimated to €1.454,1 mn compared to €1.271,0 mn in the corresponding period of 2010, recording an increase of 14,4%.