Russians push tourism up First Published: 16/11/2011 12:11

Russian tourist arrivals are still going up, giving an impetus to the tourist industry of the island, in a difficult period for the economy.

Specifically, arrivals of tourists reached 259.863 in October 2011 compared to 241.698 in October 2010, recording an increase of 7.5%.

This increase is mostly linked to the tourist arrivals from Russia, which were recently characterized by CTO Chairman, Alecos Orountiotis as a “lifeline”.

However, the increase in British tourist arrivals contributed positively too.

The Russian tourist arrivals in October recorded an annual increase of 45.8% (from 22,637 last year to 32,995 this year).

Unlike the previous month, the British tourist arrivals rose 5.1% (from 107,729 in October 2010 to 113,205 in October 2011) raising hopes for a recovery of this significant market for Cyprus.

Tourist arrivals from Greece for the same month fell 8.11% to 11,665 from 12,695 in the corresponding month of 2010.

For the period January – October 2011 arrivals of tourists totalled 2.234.011 compared to 2.019.154 in the corresponding period of 2010, recording an increase of 10.6%.