Tourism income rises First Published: 25/11/2011 16:51


Bank of Greece figures confirmed on Thursday that income from tourism in the year’s first nine months grew at an annual rate of 10.6 percent, climbing from 6.9 billion euros in 2010 to 7.6 billion.

Foreign arrivals posted a similar increase, rising 10.4 percent from the first three quarters of last year to reach 14.2 million.

Germans and Britons account for the biggest share of visitors, totaling nearly 3 million tourists, but their number shrank by 5.7 percent from last year.

Their average spending stood at 800 euros per German and at 700 euros per Briton.

Still, arrivals from Russia soared 58 percent year-on-year to reach 656,000 by September, with their average spending exceeding 1,000 euros.