Tourism revenue up €27m First Published: 28/09/2012 12:53


Revenue from tourism recorded a sharp increase for the third consecutive month in July, providing support to the economy at the same time that other sectors falter.

According to Cystat data, revenue from tourism reached €301,5 mn in July 2012 compared to €274,4 mn in the corresponding month of the previous year, recording an increase of 9,9%.

This increase is mostly attributable to an increase in tourist arrivals by 3.4% to 371,453 in July 2012 from 359,104 in the corresponding month of 2011.

The increase in spending per capita contributed too, since it reached €811.8 against €764.2 in July 2011.

Highest spending per capita was observed in tourists from Switzerland (€993.5), Ireland (€975.6), the US (€965.7) and Russia (€953.9).

Revenue for the period January – July 2012 rose 7% to €947.2 million from €884.9 million in the corresponding period of 2011.

CTO satisfied

Chairman of Cyprus Tourism Organization, Alecos Orountiotis expressed his content for the official data.

“Certainly, revenue from tourism in 2012 will give a boost to our economy, no that it needs it more than ever”, he said and estimated that total revenue in 2012 will reach €1.9 billion.