Yiannakas Real Estates aims to provide a courteous and helpful service to their customers. Our plan is to deliver the highest possible standards of customer care possible and the modern customed services. Thus, we will work for you and with you, to involve, inform and give you a fair and equal access to information and services.


As a company, we always prove our dedication to fulfil the requirement of our customers. Thus, we have selected the best services compatible to the clients' needs:


A. Maintenance Of Premises

The following major or minor maintenance works can be placed:


    * Home Repairs - This can be anything big or small .An estimate containing the costs involved in the maintenance works would be sent to you for your approval. As soon as you have approved it and made the necessary payments, we would immediately start off with the work.

    * Labour Management - We can arrange labourers for all your work like household work, plumbing, electrical needs etc. at a cost.

    * Various bill payments - At client request we arrange for payments of various bills on time such as electricity bills, property taxes, maintenance bills etc.


B. Rental Services

Since customers are the most important people for us, we are constantly striving to develop all services that would prove useful to them. We at Yiannakas Real Estate, take pride in our various Rental Services as well. These may include various scenarios:


    * our client may request to place their property for rental purposes. We collect a tenant's profile, to understand what kind of tenants the owners expect for their properties. Looking into their requirements, we forward tenants to them. The approval of the owner is required for us to fix on a tenant, for their property. Once the tenant is finalized, a lease agreement form has to be signed, which is available with the office management. At client's advice, Yiannakas Real Estate is obligate to deposit in the owner's bank account, as per the owner's advice.


C. Car Hire

If you need to hire a car whilst on Cyprus, we would be happy to assist you with your booking. We have partnered with one of the leading car hire companies on the island.


D. Mortgage

When buying property in Cyprus, many buyers need a direct contact with an array of lenders to take out a mortgage in order to complete the transaction.


E. Re-sale of properties

Considering that emergencies and requirements can occur at any point of time, Yiannakas Real Estate also offers services of resale of properties that owners have purchased from us. All the processes involved would be taken care of by us, including the documentation and registration assistance. We levy service charges of 1% of the actual sale consideration of the property, from the buyer and seller separately.