Niculesti Commune – Dambovita County

Niculeşti is a commune in Damboviţa County in total area of 27,86  km², southern Romania with a population of 4,463 people which includes Ciocănari, Movila and Niculeşti villages. Niculeşti is situated in south east of Dambovita Country, only 30 km to Bucharest and Ploiesti, and 60 km to Targoviste. Niculesti is a family site that welcomes all who love nature, fishing and wooden handicrafts fans.
Yiannakas Real Estate Ltd offer 600 residential building plots with areas between 400-800 sqm, with planning permission, title and all related approvals. Niculesti is a great area for land investments, because of its location towards Bucharest (only 15 minutes from the airport) but also due to the fact that it is an area with high developing potential. In the last period many companies have started to establish residential and commercial projects in the area. Local authorities are promoting the development and EU subsidies may be utilized in specific areas.